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UNO Gender/Sexuality Resource Center

On this episode of Speaking Of Happy Podcast Eli interviews Jessi Hitchins, Director of the UNO Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, and Jay Irwin, Associate Professor of Sociology at UNO and is a teacher and scholar of LGBTQ identities and health. We get to know more about what the center has to offer the students as well as the greater Omaha Community in helping to create safe spaces for the LGBTQIA Community.

Jessi loves Musical theatre, is a doctoral candidate, and scooter-riding nerd. Puggle/dog lover. Passionate feminist and polysexual wife/partner. Avid UNO Maverick fan!

And Jay loves live music and binge watching television shows, his favorite is Orphan Black.


If you don’t see the player you can click the link below and listen to the podcast on Pod-o-matic!  Thank you for listening!

Speaking Of Happy Podcast by Eli Rigatuso

Radio Talk show!

Yes humans it is time for the first episode of the Speaking Of Happy Radio Talk Show!  Hosted by Eli Rigatuso!  This is a unique version of the show as it is an interview between Eli and a long time friend.  The interview took place about a week after the Caitlyn Jenner 20/20 Interview with Diane Sawyer.  At the time this was recorded Caitlyn was still going by Bruce and was OK with the pronouns Him/He.  And I do refer to Caitlyn in this manner during the interview.  Please understand that it is imperative to honor the request of transgender people when they provide you with a name and pronouns.  It is about respect.  I wanted to share this interview because even referring to myself as Transgender was very new for me and I had yet to pick out a name that works for me or even begin to think about what my transition would look like.

Since this interview I have picked a name and have shared with my family and many friends and even strangers about my transition.  I am proud to refer to myself as Eli Rigatuso, Trans Man.  I will be sharing many other stories as well as videos created by me to this site so keep checking back.  I seriously hope you enjoy the interview.

It originally Aired on an online radio station located in Omaha and broadcast all over the interwebs and run by an eclectic group of radioheads.  I will be doing a regular weekly talk show which I am calling Speaking Of Happy and will be interviewing local LGTBQIA organizations and people living in Omaha, Nebraska.

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If you don’t see the player you can click the link below and listen to the podcast on Pod-o-matic!  Thank you for listening!

Speaking Of Happy Podcast by Eli Rigatuso


Ryan Sallans, a Transgender Story

Come back soon
to see Ryan’s video interview.  In the meantime, we recommend you purchase and read his enlightening story, Second Son.

I’m Happy


It has been many years since I took on the daunting task of coming out to my family and friends.  I didn’t know what to call it but I knew I was different.  When I was old enough to find the words for what it was I came out as lesbian, although that word still didn’t fit for me.  It took me many more years to come to the realization and gain the courage to claim I am Transgender.  And today I am “re-coming” out to everyone I know. I am sharing my journey here.

I have seen the devastating effects coming out can have on families and my LGBTQ friends and I over the years I finally figured out it was time to do something about it!  Something to maybe make it easier.  It’s time for being Gay to really mean happy!  I am Eli Rigatuso, I’m happy and I want you to be happy too.

If you have a story that will help inspire others and you would like to share that story here on Speaking of Happy, please contact  me at!