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Whole Lot of Heart

I have been away from my blog lately.  Away from my podcast.  Away from this HAPPY SPACE.  And today I realized it was time to reconnect.  Time to remind myself about why I created Speaking Of Happy.  I wanted to put the HAPPY back into being gay and celebrate the LGBTQIA Community.  And although I have been EXTREMELY HAPPY lately I have been selfish and keeping much of that happiness to myself.  It has been on my mind however so today I return with an important blog which I hope makes a difference for someone, somewhere who may be suffering and feeling alone.  I am here.  I see you.  Listen to this song and know, I SEE YOU.  The song starts at 3:27 (cue it up now) but Idina shares a little about her new album and how personal it is to her.  And her music is very personal to me.  Because, partially through her, something really amazing happened to me!  This post isn’t about that, and perhaps one day I will share what that is but today this is about something else.  So, listen to this song and then come back to read the rest of the blog.  Or read and listen but know there is another song coming up that I hope will make an impact on you too so read on.

OK so now for the real reason for this post.

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me.  On Sunday I found out, although it comes as no surprise, some of my family members who I love and respect dearly, do not feel the same about me.  And apparently I have been a hot topic for gossip.  Interesting thing is none of the offenders have come to me directly with their questions or concerns.  Instead they talk to other family members and share their judgements and evaluations about my life and how I live it.  And they even want to exclude me from participating in family gatherings.  But one person had the courage to come to me directly and tell me the truth.  She even said she wasn’t ok with excluding me or talking badly about me.  I am grateful for her caring and support.  And although it was hard for her to come to me and tell me the truth she did and I am grateful.

And the most interesting thing of all is how I choose to live my life!  I choose to be an outspoken advocate for the rights of the oppressed.  In my free time I am out educating people and fighting for the rights of people who have had their voice diminished.  Kids who are kicked out of their homes because they are LGBTQIA.  Youth who are bullied and picked on in school just because of who they are.  Bullied and demeaned by their classmates daily.  I hear horror stories all the time.  I have read messages being sent to some of the trans youth I know that should make ALL PEOPLE ANGRY.  And when the parents of those youth take proof to the schools their kids go to, the schools who talk to the oppressors take their word over the word and the proof of the oppressed.  And I can relate to the minimizing of feelings by others when I have pointed out how their actions are hurtful.  When they make statements like, I didn’t mean what I said in a bad way or even worse they tell me I am being too sensitive.

I put myself out there daily in all the little things I do to educate people about what it is to be transgender.  Teaching about microagressions and things that are inappropriate for people to say to me and I do it with kindness and compassion because I ALWAYS have the youth in the back of my mind.  Because I want them to feel safe and loved and cared for.  And by educating you I am hopefully creating a wave that you carry into your lives and you pass on what you have learned from me because you love me and respect me and see me for who I am.  And that ripple effect will change hearts and minds of those you interact with and by doing so we will save a child from heartache together.

On Monday I did a presentation to a room of more than 40 people.  I shared my story and brought along two high school students who generously shared what it is like for them in their schools daily.  The sharing was very raw and real.  We facilitated an exercise the group participated in on Microagressions – individual acts of subtle prejudice or hostility that can be unintentional or conscious, generally committed by one individual toward another individual.  Microassaults – small behaviors that are intentional and purposefully hurtful. (e.g., using the wrong name or pronouns, name calling, or making derogatory statements)  Microinsults – rude statements that are usually unintentional or unconscious that indicate ignorance or bias. (e.g., asking inappropriate questions, redirecting someone to another bathroom), Microinvalidations – statements or actions that are usually unintentional or unconscious that ignore, minimize, or nullify a person’s identity (e.g., having only two options for sex/gender on forms, teling gender non-conforming people that they should not be upset if people are confused by their gender).

I know you may be feeling guilty of doing some of these things, and until now DID NOT even realize it.  Some of the participants were appalled at what they were hearing.  They couldn’t believe it.  They experienced only 8 minutes of this, LGBTQIA youth endure minutes, that build into hours, weeks, months, and years of verbal assaults.  Many of them are getting it from their own family members.  Many of them are choosing to end their lives or being murdered in the streets.

Some of the participants shared some powerful emotions and pain in regard to their own experiences because yes LGBTQIA people are everywhere. One woman shared how the exercise had her present to her own cisgender privilege and how she has never been on the receiving end of such hateful, hurtful statements and she could clearly see how hard it might be for someone who does hear them every day.  I was tagged in a lovely thank you from the organization that invited us to speak and I am grateful the exercise made a difference for them.  And I am confident we had a very powerful impact on them.

Now listen to this song because it is where I come from on a daily basis!  I wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes.  I openly share my emotions because I want you to know you are welcome to share yours with me.  That I will hold your heart carefully in my hands and help you to feel better about your life.

There is a Whole Lot of Heart in me because I am loved.  Because I have a huge supportive loving community of people who also believe in the world I believe in.  One that sees people for who they are.  One who lifts people up and respects them for who they are.

I am living my life being 100% authentic to myself.  Living for me so I can be HAPPY.  So that when I look at myself in the mirror I LOVE what I see reflected back at me.  For 50 years I lived a life so that everyone else could be comfortable, all the while I was dying inside.  

Today, I am living.  Today I am happy and fulfilled and LOVED.  And the biggest love is the love I feel for me.  

I am loved.  By many of my dear friends who know me and see me and honor the man I am.  They support me and have walked this journey with me and have done the work to learn more and educate themselves about what it is to be transgender.  Some of them are part of the community and they too have had to challenge their own strongly held beliefs in regard to the gender binary we have all been tricked into believing was real. But they are doing the work.

I am loved by my community and all of the amazing transgender people I know.  They show me daily what it is to be COURAGEOUS in the face of little or no agreement.  And they continue to move forward with their heads held high. They are GORGEOUS, CREATIVE, COMPASSIONATE humans and I celebrate them!

I am loved and seen by my sister Marisue and her family.  I know she helps to educate people in her life and is a powerful advocate for me too.  We have talked recently and we both believe we are so much closer today because of the freedom I feel to be me today. 

I am loved and seen fully by my mother.  A woman living in a memory care unit who can’t tell me what she had for lunch but she calls me her son every time I visit her and she has no judgement of me.  She says I am handsome and reminds me of stories from my childhood that affirm who I am.

I am loved by my 80 year old Aunt Betty with whom I share a birthday.  She tells me all the time how much I look like my dad and that I am ok just as I am. And her son, my cousin Ted, who called me to thank me for being strong and for living my life in a way that is inspirational to those around me.  

And I LOVE the transgender youth I have had the honor and privilege to meet.  Who have so generously shared their stories and lives with me.  And I will continue to be the change I wish to see in the world for them.  So that perhaps one day, no family will ever reject a child because of who they are. So that families will not have to suffer the loss of a child who committed suicide because of all the hate-filled rhetoric in our world.

So, gossip about me if you will.  Exclude me from family gatherings.  I will NEVER stop being WHO I AM.  And truth be told I will never stop loving you, but I may choose to remove myself from your life only to preserve my HAPPINESS.

Like Father Like Son

Today is Fathers Day.  And it has been 14 years since I last saw mine.  Not by choice.  If I had my way I would have woke up early today and prepared myself to go and spend the day with my father. Hanging out with my dad was one of my favorite past times, even when I was young.  I much preferred hanging out with him and my brother over staying at home and cleaning with my mom and sisters!  And man did he ever teach me a lot about construction, cars, heating and air conditioning and duct tape.

If he was alive today we would spend the day doing all the things he loved.  We would probably cook together.  Talk about life and laugh.  He had a great laugh.  We would most definitely go see a twilight movie, my treat.  And it would have to be Finding Dory simply because it was just released and he saw a movie just about every weekend and therefore the latest release would be the only one he had yet to see.  More than likely it would make us both cry at some point and I would have been completely content with that.  I believe he would have too.

The last time I saw my dad was the day he died.  He had moved to Florida after exhausting all of his options for cancer treatment here in Omaha.  He had tried just about everything, including chemotherapy, but the cancer kept re-generating itself into a new form and attacking another part of his body.  He was a meat and potatoes guy who adored his grill, even on a blistering hot day. Although after his diagnosis he gave up a lot of things he once loved because he wanted so badly to live.  He completely changed his entire diet and even started juicing.  This was way before you could just go to Whole Foods and buy a bottle of cold pressed juice.  But I tell you if he had lived to see that day he would have bought it by the truckload if he believed for one moment it would keep him alive one more day.

My brother and I helped him move to Florida and when he left Omaha he looked wonderful.  As a matter of fact people could hardly believe he was dying he looked so healthy.  My dad, when he put his mind to something, did it big, real big.  And there were zero excuses to stand in his way.  One of the many things he taught me.  Little did any of us know, it would only be a matter of months before things would take a turn for the worse.  I had started a new job when I received a call from my sisters who had gone to see him, telling me they didn’t think he was going to make it much longer. My boss at the time was incredible as was my employer.  They swung into action finding me an inexpensive flight and took care of all the necessary paperwork so I could stay with him as long as I needed to.

When I arrived at the “retirement” community they were living in I was shocked at what I saw.  I felt as though I was in some weird dream.  He was a shell of the man I had left in Florida only a few months prior.  I knew he was close to the end.

He asked me how he looked and I said, “Do you want me to tell you the truth or do you want me to lie to you?”  He chuckled and responded, “Could you candy coat the truth a little for me?”  I laughed as I began to cry and I said, “Dad you look like shit.  And I am so happy to be here.” We both laughed and I just snuggled up beside him on his bed.  At this point our focus was about keeping him comfortable.  Unfortunately my step mother was in denial that he was dying and was still saying things to him that only made it more difficult for my father to leave this world.  But I kept holding a space for him to pass as smoothly as possible.  I had never been around someone who was dying before, but something deep inside me said I needed to let go.  To let him know it was ok and that I would be ok. He was asleep more than he was awake and that first night I was there he was in a great deal of pain.  At this point the hospice nurses who had been coming over the past week had given him something to keep him comfortable but being the stubborn bull he was, he wouldn’t take it.  He said that someone told him, if he gave in to taking it, his body would shut down and he would die.  Even at the end he didn’t want to let go.

The next evening was even harder.  We had permanently moved him into the living room in a recliner that he felt most comfortable in.  My Aunt Betty, my dads big sister, was coming in to town, so we left to go pick her up at the airport.  We stopped for a bite to eat to fill her in one what was happening back at the house and to regroup.  When we returned to the house, my stepmom asked us all to come sit in the kitchen, she had something she wanted to tell us.  I am certain I will not be able to write out what happened to paint the picture of how hilarious it actually was for her to gather us up at the table.  If you knew her you would understand but suffice it to say she sat us all down, asked us if we wanted anything to drink and opened a box of donuts.  And then very cautiously and quietly she whispers, “Your father has entered the dying stages.” I know, that isn’t supposed to be funny but I felt like I was in some strange movie and inside I was laughing.  She then continues saying, “And we need to let him know, it’s ok to go.” And all I could think was, welcome to the party, it started a few days ago but I am seriously happy to hear you decided to join us.  Yes, everyone grieves differently, and it is probably not OK to make light of what she was going through but for myself, I guess I laugh, in order to keep myself from crying.  We all agreed that we would support dad in his passing and my sister and I went outside to laugh.  And, cry.

That evening was really hard and the next morning my father yelled for me to come in the room.  He reached up and grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled me down close to his face with the little energy he had and said, “Take me out. There is a gun in my closet and bullets.  Please just take me out.”  I said, “Dad, there is a much easier way to accomplish this mission of yours.”  He looked me deeply into the eyes and said, “OK. I trust you.”  That was the first time I gave him the drops of medicine, to make him more comfortable, left by the hospice nurses.

That was the beginning of the end.  He was much more comfortable and it was late the next evening his body finally gave up on him.  He kept staring up at the ceiling that day.  One time he shared he saw his mother, who had died a few years prior, and that she looked incredible.  Then another time he shared that he was watching his dog, who had passed away after being hit by a car, run and play fetch.  When he asked if I could see them, I would say, yes dad I see them too.  I told him, he should stay with them and be free. I could tell that his soul left his body before his body actually stopped.  I am not a very religious person, but I am spiritual and definitely feel that comes from the Native American side of me.  I saw his body lift and he exhaled heavily, just as I did as I typed that.

I felt privileged to be there for him that day.  I still feel an overwhelming gratitude in my heart for having that moment just he and I.  It alleviates the fact that today I don’t have a grave to go to, or even a small part of his ashes because he was cremated in order to make transporting his body back to Omaha easier.  And the step mom, turned into a bit of a monster once his body was cold.

After coming out as transgender last year, I had a conversation with my sister and we both wondered what dad would say about me today.  I told her that he and I had a very touching conversation the year he was diagnosed, about me and my life at that time.  And a part of me felt as though he would be ok with it.  And then in December last year I took part in UNOs Safe Training program. There was a group of people participating from Metro College, which is where my father worked for years teaching heating and air conditioning and other technical trades.  A little known fact, my father helped MCC create many of their technical trade courses.  There is a scholarship in his honor. Anyway, as I do with anything I do, I was an active participant during the training and interjected thoughts I had as they applied to what we were learning.  During one of our breaks a woman from MCC walked up to me and said, “Are you a Rigatuso?”  I said, “Yes.”  And she said, “Do you remember me?”  At that moment I realized oh my gosh, “Yes, you worked closely with my father for years!” She nodded her head and said, “Yes.”  And then she said, “When you started talking during the class all I could think is, that is a carbon copy of Carl!  You look like him, you sound like him and you express yourself just like him.”  And she asked if she could have a hug.  Of course I said yes and as we embraced she whispered, “I have been really missing your father and seeing you, I feel like I was able to steal a moment with him.”  We stood there for the longest time just holding one another and crying. And then she said, “I know your father would be proud of you.”

I almost couldn’t attend training that day.  And in that moment I realized the reason why it all worked out and I was there.  So she could remind me that I am my fathers son.  And that I am ok.



Left, my father, Carl Paul Rigatuso Sr., Born September 21, 1943 and died March 12, 2002

Right, me June 18, 2016, one week before my birthday.


This is the last day of the year. The last time in 2015 that I can say, I accomplished X or I did Y in 2015. What does that mean really? Well for me this year brought with it a great deal of firsts and a whole lot of transition. Transition in how I view myself along with who I choose to share with the world! Today I choose to share the real me authentically, but it took many years to get to this point. Many ups and downs. Much heartache and pain as well as triumphs. When I look back on the last 50 some odd years of my life I can honestly say I have accomplished more than I ever believed imaginable.

The greatest accomplishment is surrounding myself with people who are willing to love me unconditionally for me. To accept the me that I am sharing with them and to help me learn to love myself unconditionally too. Believe me, this has not come easy. I have had friends say some of the meanest things to me, needless to say, they are no longer my friends. And I have had complete strangers want to tear me down for sharing myself authentically with the world. But I am here to say that did not and will NEVER stop me from sharing me. From telling my story or from sharing the stories of other local LGBTQIA heroes I know.

Today marks a day I can sit back and reflect on with great pride. In the past year, I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined to include this website. Creating a space where I get to share so many wonderful things about our world, things that make me happy but I am finding they make other people happy too! This website would not have been possible without the love and support of so many wonderful people to include the incredible love of my life Kira! The woman who has stood quietly by my side and supported my journey without hesitation. She has not only helped teach me to love and accept me for me, but to also shine a bright light into the darkest parts of myself in order to find true peace and appreciation for who I am and what I have to offer this world.

She was a stand that I stop saying mean things to myself. And she would call me on it at every turn. Eventually I began to see that how I treated myself and the things I said when I thought no one else could hear were hurtful. You see no one could ever hurt me more than I had been hurting myself. As I slowly began to peel away the rough exterior layers of the person I had become I started to realize and acknowledge the truly wonderful things about myself. I could no longer allow the things I disliked about me to stop me from telling my story or from sharing my journey! And as those things began to fall away I started to realize the me, that is truly me. And acknowledging it out loud and proud to the people in my life has made all the difference in the world for me. Her love is the fuel for my fire and knowing she is by my side and loves and accepts me for exactly who I am helps give me the courage to continue on this journey.

The other person I need to thank as I reflect on this year is my dear friend Alyssa. Once I began to share my transition with the world and introduced myself as Eli, she reached out to me and asked how she could help me realize my dreams. She asked me what I wanted to accomplish in sharing my transition with people and I told her. And then she did the most amazing thing. She said, I would like to coach you! No one has ever offered me such a gift and together we put a plan in place that helped me over the roadblocks in my way in creating Speaking Of Happy the website, the blog, and the radio show! With her guidance I put a plan in place that inspired me to accomplish tasks one at a time and before I knew it the website was created and I was publishing content I am proud of consistently and having a GREAT time doing it!

In three months I fully launched the website, produced, recorded, and edited 11 episodes of the radio show, produced shot and edited 3 videos (one that shared some personal stories of my life which has yet to be published to the page), wrote 3 blogs as well as had one guest blogger, and produced a One of A KindOneOfAKindShowPosterV3 comedy show and fundraiser that premiered my video 1976, my stand up comedyFirstSheet, plus I had more than 50 pieces of my photo art on display and for sale!











My good friends Brody Ray

and Jocelyn

donated their time and talents and sang their hearts out at the show too so please go and support them and their music!  And certainly last but not least I took some of the biggest steps on my journey to having my outsides express the man that I believe I have always been. I began my hormone treatments which has opened me up to a world that has been truly amazing and at times a little scary as I navigate these waters. On December 21, 2015 and with the amazing support of Kira, I ventured on the next step in my journey and had top surgery. As I type this I have an amazing freedom today. I look in the mirror and I see the me that had been there all along. A friend asked me, “what is it like, do you miss them?” I said, “My breasts?” He nods yes. I respond, “I don’t miss them at all, you see this is what I have always felt was me. I feel free and alive in a way that I have never experienced in the Fifty years of my life and I am awake and ready for the next 50!”

Also, if accomplishing the above wasn’t enough, with the love and support of many wonderful friends, I am also writing a book. I have finally found my voice and believe me, I will continue to shout with pride from the roof tops today and every day! I may not be the most prolific writer, comedian, blogger, or videographer in the world but I tell you this much, I am on the court of life, playing with everything I have to give and when I go to bed at night I sleep more soundly than I have all my life and awake and greet every new day with inspiration and determination to continue to do what I can to make a difference in our world!

I am truly blown away at what I have accomplished and fully believe 2016 will be one of my greatest years yet! My dear friends. If you take anything from what I have written here please know that allowing yourself and those around you be who they are and share their gifts with you, we all get to be GREAT together. So go, sing, dance, write, produce, support, and applaud yourself/others and all our successes! Let’s all have an amazing 2016!

Biggy AlienLillyProof

I will be making my photo art available very soon so stay tuned!

Voice Change

One of the aspects of my job is voice over work. It wasn’t the main reason I was hired but after cutting a few tracks co-workers began requesting my voice be used for their videos. Ever since a very young age I have always LOVED To talk.

Ask anyone who knows me. I probably came out of my mothers womb chatting up a storm! My mom even wrote in my baby book that my first song that I would sing to was the double mint commercial on TV. Singing has always been a favorite past time of mine too!

When I went in for my initial meeting with the hormone doctor she listed a number of things that will change when using T. One of those things is my voice. I really had to think about that one because obviously, I make a living or at least part of it, by using my voice. Would the change effect that? Would people stop requesting my voice for their projects? So, I have been trying to remember to keep track of the changes as time has gone on. I can pull old audio from videos I have done to hear my voice pre T but I wanted to note the changes. So I recorded a snippet at 1 month, 3 months (missed doing the 2nd month), and again at 4 months. This is the result.

My voice he is a changing! Also prior to my starting T I decide to record myself singing some of my old Karaoke favorites so that I could do a mash up of sorts with my voice then and now! I haven’t done the second take of the songs but I will work on them and update this post once they are done!

I was curious to see if anyone else had done anything like it and found this guy! Joshua Kipp who wrote/produced the song “Little Girl” using both his pre T voice and his voice after having been on T for awhile.

Here is what he said about the experience of putting the two tracks together.

The melding of both his pre- and post-transition vocals happens only on “Little Girl,” and probably won’t happen again. “It was so intense, I could only do it once,” says Klipp. “The experience was so deep and wrenching but so emotionally resolving, too.”

Being a musician he had concerns about his voice change and after reading some additional info about him, he is pleased with how his voice sounds now but it was a struggle to get to where he is with it!

I also found this wonderful music video by Filmmaker Aarin Burch who directs Joshua Klipp and the Sarah Bush Dance Project in this beautiful tribute to those who have gone before us and how they impact our own lives in “L1FE” (one life).

There have been other changes I have experienced which i will share in another post but suffice it to say that for now the changes in my voice are working for me.

Who You Are

I am a HUGE fan of The Voice. I love it for so many reasons but the main reason is the blinds. To get on the show you audition with the judges only hearing you. They don’t see you until they push their buttons and they don’t push their buttons until they hear something so incredible they can not help but push the button.

This season, started the same as all the others but the main difference being one performer who even blew me away from the moment he first opened his mouth. His name is Jordan Smith. His blind audition song was “Chandelier” by Sia. Here is the performance if you missed it.

Jordan is not your typical pretty boy. Although I personally think he is incredibly handsome. He is a bigger guy and has more than likely been shamed more than once for his appearance. And not only is he a bigger guy, he can hit notes that many women couldn’t even hit if they tried. And again, something tells me he has felt the sting of his peers teasing him for having the voice he has.

What many of them may have missed is that Jordan has the voice of an angel. And he has the compassion, love, generosity, and humble nature to go with this angelic voice. He inspires me to love myself for me. Last night on the Voice he sang “Who You Are” by Jessie J. The lyrics to the song are so powerful. Here is his performance

The song is an anthem to loving yourself for exactly as you are, to follow your heart and be true to who you are. I am so very happy Jordan has made it as far as he has on The Voice and in my humble opinion I believe he will win this season! And if he doesn’t it will be a crying shame but he will have an amazing career in music and I will forever be a fan. I can’t wait to see him perform live! Good luck Jordan with all you do although I do not believe you will need luck with your Voice of an Angel.

Update December 10, 2015
Jordan AMAZED me once again! His semi-final performance of “Somebody To Love” was truly sublime. So heartfelt so real so passionate! Freddy Mercury was applauding from above no doubt! I must admit that every week I wonder if he can pull it off again and he just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!! Thank you Jordan for sharing your gift with us! VOTE JORDAN SMITH!!! Finals are next week and I can hardly wait for it. If you missed the performance here it is for you! ENJOY!!!

And just because I LOVE this song so very much I had to also post my other most fabulous performance of the song from Happy Feet performed by Brittany Murphy.

Update December 14, 2015
I keep thinking there is absolutely no way he can bring me to tears again and then he does this:

And needless to say I am swimming in a puddle of tears and so incredibly grateful that he found his way to The Voice tryouts and the judges recognized his incredible talent! In my mind he won this competition from the beginning! He is pure talent and he is humble and sweet and I believe he deserves to take this thing all the way! We will find out soon if he is going to be our next winner and regardless of what happens he will always be a winner to me and I will forever be a fan! Thank you Jordan Smith for sharing your gift.

Singing with Usher

Update December 16, 2015
Jordan Smith WINS The Voice!!! That is right my guy went all the way and pulled off the win of the year! I have been awed by him all season and apparently so have a huge number of other people! He did it and I couldn’t be more proud! Way to go Jordan!!! Congrats!!!

Vulnerability in Action

BriannaHumphrey2Today I was going about my morning as usual when I came across a lovely post on facebook by a young woman living in Kearney, Nebraska. People ask me all the time, why are you such an activist? Why does the LGBTQIA Community celebrate Pride? Why? Why? Why? Well, I can’t explain much better than this wonderful post by my new friend Brianna Humphrey, so I am not even going to try. But I will say this much, when ther day comes when people are not being rejected for being who they are, when our youth are not taking their own lives in numbers to high to even stomach, when we can truly just love and let people be and celebrate their milestones in life with them, that will be the day we no longer need to celebrate Pride, but that day has yet to come and this post reminds me of the need to keep educating, to keep being an outspoken activist, and to keep spreading HAPPY!  When I read her post and immediately asked her if I could share it here.  She agreed and here is our first guest contributor! I hope you enjoy it!  Oh and please be sure to give her some love with amazing and supportive comments!  Thank you!

(just click the date below and it will open in FB so you can read her post).

Review New Janet CD: Unbreakable

My Janet CD

In the mail today we received the brand spanking new Janet Jackson CD Unbreakable! It went immediately into the computer to import into iTunes so we could take it for a spin. And first impression, it DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! The opening song is very Janet lyrically and instrumentally. It is a toe tapping salute to love and trust me when I say it will make you want to grab your love and get your dance on! I like that she started the CD with this track because as we move through it gets a little deeper but I will get to that in a moment!

Next up is a little ditty featuring Missy Elliott and it definitely wakes up your senses and creates a fun ride as they come together to Burn It Up! It is a wonderful union of these two amazing women that will surely get lots of play time at the local clubs. It’s reminiscent of the times I spent dancing on the speakers at The Max and although it is a new song it takes me to a place that puts a big smile on my face. I am TOO OLD for the clubs but this one will surely aid with cleaning around the house! Give it a listen!

And she keeps the beat moving with track 3 Dammn Baby (yes it is spelled with two mm’s and you will understand why when you listen because I guarantee you will say DAMMN!).

The next track blew me away! Literally! I completely stopped what I was doing because I had to check the CD to make sure it was in fact Janet and not her brother Michael. I honestly thought maybe it was something he had not finished but his name doesn’t appear on the liner notes on the CD insert so it is in fact Janet. But she was surely channeling her brother on this track and it definitely has some subtle, or not so subtle, nuances of her brother throughout the track. The beat and the lyrics SCREAM Michael! Get it?

And the next track starts out slow and melodic. As a matter of fact it seems innocent and sweet until about 47 seconds in when it kicks into high gear. And then it slows again at a minute and twenty seconds which immediately drew me back to the CD insert. I had to read the lyrics and once I did I LOST IT, yes tears! The chorus is powerful and pure and the lyrics are vulnerable and sincere. She is telling one on herself about how she has had to overcome critics and her own naïveté and then she says, “Enlightened minds and open hearts together make the world a better place!” This song draws it’s power as an anthem for us all to see how we can do better for ourselves and for one another! It’s about revolution it’s about real solutions and it’s about OPENING your eyes! It’s FANTASTIC! She closes the song with a powerful softly delivered verse that will tug at the heartstrings of her Rhythm Nation fans but you will have to buy the CD or search online for what it is because I want this CD to break records! Buy it now! But if what I have already shared isn’t enough to convince you I will continue.

From track 5 to track 6 she slows it down. It starts out with her amazing voice and a piano. Singing right to your heart. Asking the question Who’s going to be there, After You Fall?” She shares heartache and pain in a way to understand what others might be going through when they are hurting. Questioning trust. She ends the song with that same question and then slowly, softly she says, I will. Choked me up!

The next track is definitely a shout out to Michael. She sings of long ago, remembering the good times when they were young making up songs together while they did chores and harmonizing, everyone with their part. Dancing and singing through most anything and always feeling safe. The second verse she refers to him leaving her in the summer. And she shares her intimate pain at the loss of her brother, her best friend, and the unbelievable pain but she does it in an upbeat Jackson way with “Broken Hearts Heal.” I have no doubt her brother LOVES it!

The next track is “Night” and it is all about love. Waking up in heaven. A wonderful tribute to the way love can take over and help the darkness fade and bring us joy. Another fun dance track that will have you shaking your groove thing!

I could go on and on and on about this CD but I am going to jump ahead to one of my favorite tracks! “Black Eagle” which is track 15. A dreamy, intoxicating melody which almost feels like it’s a plea to allow yourself to come out of a difficult time. A time so dark that might have you want to end it all. She calls it a love song and it feels like a bridge from one heart to another with a plea to stay with us. To honor your life and to be a stand that we reach out to one another. I may be reading into this but the lyrics are powerful and LIFE GIVING! The lyrics are here:

Suicide is a real issue. I hear about someone almost daily who has ended their life feeling as though they have no other choice. I believe this song could help someone. I will share it wildly. Because WE ALL NEED TO DO BETTER!

If you don’t have the CD you can buy it here.  She is offering some GREAT packages that include other merchandise.

Thank you Janet! I heart you big time! Can’t wait to see you in Omaha and I would just die if I was fortunate enough to meet you and shake your hand! You are INCREDIBLE!