Voice Change

One of the aspects of my job is voice over work. It wasn’t the main reason I was hired but after cutting a few tracks co-workers began requesting my voice be used for their videos. Ever since a very young age I have always LOVED To talk.

Ask anyone who knows me. I probably came out of my mothers womb chatting up a storm! My mom even wrote in my baby book that my first song that I would sing to was the double mint commercial on TV. Singing has always been a favorite past time of mine too!

When I went in for my initial meeting with the hormone doctor she listed a number of things that will change when using T. One of those things is my voice. I really had to think about that one because obviously, I make a living or at least part of it, by using my voice. Would the change effect that? Would people stop requesting my voice for their projects? So, I have been trying to remember to keep track of the changes as time has gone on. I can pull old audio from videos I have done to hear my voice pre T but I wanted to note the changes. So I recorded a snippet at 1 month, 3 months (missed doing the 2nd month), and again at 4 months. This is the result.

My voice he is a changing! Also prior to my starting T I decide to record myself singing some of my old Karaoke favorites so that I could do a mash up of sorts with my voice then and now! I haven’t done the second take of the songs but I will work on them and update this post once they are done!

I was curious to see if anyone else had done anything like it and found this guy! Joshua Kipp who wrote/produced the song “Little Girl” using both his pre T voice and his voice after having been on T for awhile.

Here is what he said about the experience of putting the two tracks together.

The melding of both his pre- and post-transition vocals happens only on “Little Girl,” and probably won’t happen again. “It was so intense, I could only do it once,” says Klipp. “The experience was so deep and wrenching but so emotionally resolving, too.”

Being a musician he had concerns about his voice change and after reading some additional info about him, he is pleased with how his voice sounds now but it was a struggle to get to where he is with it!

I also found this wonderful music video by Filmmaker Aarin Burch who directs Joshua Klipp and the Sarah Bush Dance Project in this beautiful tribute to those who have gone before us and how they impact our own lives in “L1FE” (one life).

There have been other changes I have experienced which i will share in another post but suffice it to say that for now the changes in my voice are working for me.

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