This video was created from a spoken word piece written by Eli for his significant other. When he first realized he was transgender and he shared with his life partner there was some struggle. Transition isn’t just about the person who is transitioning, it is about everyone near and dear to that person as well. This video is for anyone who is either tranistioning or is close to someone who is. Please be gentle with yourselves in this process and be sure to surround yourself with people who love you and support you and will listen to you when you need to speak. I am very fortunate to have a life partner who is willing to look within and challenge herself to see the world in new and wonderful ways. She is choosing to walk this path with me and I am so very grateful for her. She is my rock, my salvation, the place I can go to find true comfort and love. There are amazing people in this world, if you are willing to let them in, they may surprise you with how they will respond! Much love and blessings to you today! I hope you enjoy this video.

I’m Happy


It has been many years since I took on the daunting task of coming out to my family and friends.  I didn’t know what to call it but I knew I was different.  When I was old enough to find the words for what it was I came out as lesbian, although that word still didn’t fit for me.  It took me many more years to come to the realization and gain the courage to claim I am Transgender.  And today I am “re-coming” out to everyone I know. I am sharing my journey here.

I have seen the devastating effects coming out can have on families and my LGBTQ friends and I over the years I finally figured out it was time to do something about it!  Something to maybe make it easier.  It’s time for being Gay to really mean happy!  I am Eli Rigatuso, I’m happy and I want you to be happy too.

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